There are as many types of concrete as there are types of flowers. One of them is the self-compacting concrete. A concrete with a different consistency than the traditional concrete that allows it to be poured in a thin layer on large surfaces. Although beware of its properties as alot of people think this concrete is as liquid as water and that you won’t need to hire a finisher to level it. You will need the finisher anyway. You must clearly define your needs accordingly in order to know if you really need that type of concrete because it is significantly more expensive than regular concrete. As mentioned above, this self-compacting concrete is mostly used to level an existing slab by applying a thin layer. You also have to take in consideration that you won’t be able to use that concrete if you are intending on using the floor directly on the concrete surface. You will need to cover it with another flooring material type such as (ceramic, tiles, carpet, floating floor, etc ).