A mobile concrete mixer is very different from what is commonly called « Ready Mix » concrete. A ready mix concrete mixer is what you usually see on the road with an immense drum rotating on its axis. Allow us to present a typical case with this type of ready mix truck.

For example, a customer orders three cubic meters of concrete. The concrete is poured into the drum at the factory and mixed during transportation to TRY to keep its consistency. Right from the factory, the concrete starts to set. Because of traffic, transportation time affects the quality of the concrete. Once on the work site, even if you only use 2.5 cubic metres (there is still a half a cubic metre in the truck), you must still pay for the whole amount because the concrete that remains in the truck is no longer any good and the company cannot reuse it. Conversely, if in the end your job requires a larger quantity than anticipated, for example 3.5 cubic metres, you will have to pay for the delivery of a second truck.

This is why a mobile concrete mixer is your best solution!

With a mobile concrete mixer, the concrete is mixed directly at your home. It is therefore VERY FRESH. So you have more time to handle it and place it as you want before it sets. There is another advantage: because we mix it right at your home you don’t have to pay for any material remaining in the truck. You only pay for what you use. You save money and you obtain a better quality concrete.

Now you know why it is to your advantage to have a mobile concrete mixer.