When searching for the right type of concrete to use for your job, our technicians can supply you with the right mix.  You can count on a variety of regular concrete mixes to help with your residential or even commercial project.  In the industrial sector, when repairing a bridge, roadways or plant shutdowns, it is possible to use high performance concrete or rapid set concrete.  Bétonmobile.com can supply you with the mix you need including rapid set and latex modified concrete.

The difference here at Bétonmobile.com, is the fact that we use mobile concrete mixers to deliver concrete and not ready-mix trucks.  The advantage you have by doing so is, as you may know, that our mixers mix directly at your job site.  This allows us to mix ultra fast setting concrete that a regular ready-mix truck cannot carry as it starts to dry only a few minutes after being mixed.  Imagine the slump and strength already gained when arriving on site with a ready-mix, knowing that rapid set concrete can reach up to 20 Mpa in 3 hours only. With our mixers, it’s mixed in the blink of an eye.  These types of concrete are very useful for closed roadways that need to re-open overnight and in plant shutdowns.

For more information about the special industrial mixes that Bétonmobile.com can do for you, feel free to contact our technical services.